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Located in the Center of South Korea

Photo by Chance Kim

Deogyusan National Park

No1. Hyangjeokbong Peak Course 

No2. Hyangjeokbong Peak Course by Cable Car

No3. South-Deogyusan(1,507m) Peak Course


No4. Jongju(Traversing) Course from Hyangjeokbong to South-Deogyusan

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Over view

Positioned at the center of the backbone of Korea, Deogyusan was designated as the 10th national park in Korea in 1975. 
It spans across Muju-gun and Jangsu-gun in Jeollabuk-do and Geochang-gun in Gyeongsangnam-do, and its total area is 231.650㎢. 
Deogyusan National Park lies at the hear of Baekdudaegan(Backbone mountain ridges of Korea). To the east is Gayasan, the west Naejangsan, the south Jirisan, and to the north Gyeryongsan and Songnisan. Deogyusan is also the root of Geumgang(River) which runs to the north and Nakdonggang(River) which runs to the east. 
Deogyusan also has the fourth highest mountain peak in South Korea (Hyangjeokbong 1,614m) which preserves a sub-alpine ecosystem. Each year about one million visions come to Deogyusan National Park.

With a total of 1,067 plant species, Deogyusan National Park is called “The Heaven of Wild Flowers.” As for animals, there are 32 mammal species, 130 bird species, 9 amphibian species, 13 reptile species, 28 fish species, and 1,337 insect species inhabiting the area. Deogyusan is rich in biodiversity with 2,039 species altogether, and animals such as the flying squirrel, Otter, Marten cat, and Small-eared cat have been designated as endangered species by the Ministry of Environment.



  • If chose one-day Hiking, Easy to go Peak Using Cable Car

  • Short or long hike distances can be adjusted by customer's request

  • A lot of Snow falls, the scenery of winter is so beautiful

  • From spring to fall, can enjoy many beautiful wild flowers following Mt Ridges

  • When join 2 or 3days tour, can enjoy skiing one day at a Muju ski resort - From December to March


What You Can Expect

On the day of good scenery from the top of Mt. Dukyu, You can see Jirisan to the south, Gayasan to the east, and Gyeryongsan to the west. 

In Spring, azaleas and royal azaleas are beautiful, in Summer, Many large and small wildflowers bloom here and there in communities, in Autumn, broad-leaved trees color the mountains with yellow, red, orange and brown and Winter, the Snow-Flower on a branch of a Trees and the snow scene are so beautiful.

There is one of the most beautiful and famous valley in Korea called Muju Guchondong, and many ordinary people visit there even they don't hike to the peak. you can feel the natural ecology while walking along the valley, a gate to wish to soothe your tired mind, and a path to health that can heal you.

The mountain ridge is quite high, so it is cool in the summer, but cold in the winter, make sure to prepare cold weather gears such as gloves, wind proof jacket and down jacket for warmth.

Note : Travel and trekking insurance is not included in the tour. Outdoors Korea will not accept responsibility if the participant has health issues or disabilities which were not disclosed  at the time of booking.  Outdoors Korea also has the right to reject bookings if a participant is found to be unfit to trek  . 

Cancellation Policy

  If you cancel at least 15 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.If you cancel between 7 and 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.If you cancel within 6 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Travel period : 1~3 days tour

Elevation : 1,614m

Walking Distance : 9~27Km

Hiking Duration :  4~14Hours

** Tour course can be chosen by Hikers, There are various different Courses **


Tour Cost for 1 day Tour

For 1 person: 400USD

For 2 person: 450USD($225 Each)

For 3 person: 510USD($170 Each)

For 4 person: 560USD($140 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 120 Each

​Tour Cost for 2 days Tour

For 1 person: 800USD

For 2 person: 1,000USD($500 Each)

For 3 person: 1,110USD($370 Each)

For 4 person: 1,200USD($300 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 260 Each

Tour Cost for 3 days Tour

For 1 person: 1,300USD

For 2 person: 1,800USD($900 Each)

For 3 person: 2,100USD($700 Each)

For 4 person: 2,400USD($600 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 500 Each

Approximate tour schedule

One day Tour

Cable Car - Hyangjeokbong Peak - Muju-gucheondong Valley


1st day - Customized local tour or Ski 

               Accommodate in Muju

2nd day - Hiking in Deogyusan


1st day - Hiking to South-Deogyusan

       Accommodate in Satgatjae Shelter

2nd day - Hiking to Hyangjeokbong

                Accommodate in Muju

3rd day - Customized local tour or Ski


  • Entrance Fees

  • Lunch(Lunch Box on a Mountain)

  • Accommodation

  • Vehicle Service

  • Teaching ski(when join ski tour)

  • Fluent English-speaking Mountain expert



  • Personal Food and Water

  • Ski Equipment and Lift ticket

  • Breakfast and Dinner

  • Gratuities (recommended)


Additional info

  • Confirmation will be sent after booking

  • Minimum age is 12 years

  • ​Please Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes

  • Prepare Wet and Warm Gears

  • Must have head lantern and Crampon(From Dec to Mar)

Departure point :

Depart from Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Return details :

Return to Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Departure time :

8AM to 9AM

(Depend on Customer's Hotel location)

Ask us anything you want to know

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