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Holy Mountain for Korean Shamanism

Photo by Chance Kim

Taebaeksan National Park

No1. Yuilsa Course for Most Common Trail

No2. Moonsoobong Course for Return Trail


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Over view

Taebaeksan Mountain, a holy mountain of the Korean people, is located at the fork of Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, which starts its range from bagdu into the south, heading to Jirisan Mountain. Ever since it has been designated as a provincial park, Taebaeksan Mountain has widened its realm and thus designated as the 22nd national park. The park ranges from Gangwon-do Province (Taebaek-si, Youngwon-gu, and Jeongseon-gun) to Gyeongsangbuk-do Province (Bongwha-gun) and is 70.052㎢ in area. 
There are various cultural assets in Taebaeksan Moutain including Cheonjedan, 
a place where a harvest ceremony had held for thousands of years, and Geomryongso, source of the Han River. It also has various and outstanding ecological landscapes including the biggest wildflower habitat in the country (Geumdaebong Peak to Daedeoksan Mountain), yew habitat around Janggunbong Peak, and Baekcheon Valley, the world's southernmost lenok habitat.



  • Visit the Shamanism Holy Mountain in Korea

  • The mountain is gentle and soft, so even beginners can hike

  • In spring, beautiful Royal Azalea flowers bloom and can enjoy typical spring hiking of Korea

  • In winter, snow fall a lot than other areas so became one of the most popular mountain in Korea

  • Taebaek city, located under the mountain, is not far from Seoul, and well equipped with hotels and other facilities, making it a great place for a night

  • When join 2 days tour, can enjoy skiing one day at a nearby ski resort   - From December to March


What You Can Expect

  This Mountain is considered as one of the 12 most famous mountains in Korea, and has been regarded as one of the three holy mountains.

  Taebaeksan has been a center of Korean Shamanism with Gyeryongsan since ancient times, and there have been many prayer places including the shrine and it was demolished most of the time when the religion of the 1970s was cleansed.

  This Mountain is also well known as a famous hiking place, which is relatively soft and has a lot of scenic beauty and popular for winter hiking because a lot of snow falls in winter, also famous for its Royal Azaleas that bloom in spring (June) and many hikers visit during this period.

  And in the summer, Hikers who want to enjoy relatively cool hiking, visit this mountain as well, because of its high elevation. Taebaeksan is lovely mountain of Korea that many hikers visit throughout the four seasons for 12 months a year.

  Local specialties such as jujube, red pepper and pine mushroom are produced and The City has accommodation facilities including tourist hotels and various comfortable facilities(Restaurant, Pub, Bar, Karaoke..)


Note : Travel and trekking insurance is not included in the tour. Outdoors Korea will not accept responsibility if the participant has health issues or disabilities which were not disclosed  at the time of booking.  Outdoors Korea also has the right to reject bookings if a participant is found to be unfit to trek  . 

Cancellation Policy

  If you cancel at least 15 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.If you cancel between 7 and 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.If you cancel within 6 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Travel period : 1 or 2 days tour

Elevation : 1,567m

Walking Distance : 7~11Km

Hiking Duration :  4~6 Hours


Tour Cost for 1 day Tour

For 1 person: 400USD

For 2 person: 450USD($225 Each)

For 3 person: 510USD($170 Each)

For 4 person: 560USD($140 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 120 Each

​Tour Cost for 2 days Tour

For 1 person: 800USD

For 2 person: 1,000USD($500 Each)

For 3 person: 1,110USD($370 Each)

For 4 person: 1,200USD($300 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 260 Each

Approximate tour schedule

1 day Tour - Taebaeksan Hiking

- Hiking to Cheonjedan Peak 

2 days Tour 

1st day- Hambaeksan Hiking(3hr, 6km)

         or Skiing at the nearby Resort

Accommodate in Taebaek City

2nd day- Taebaeksan Hiking

                Can Chose Courses


  • Entrance Fees

  • Lunch(Lunch Box on a Mountain)

  • Accommodation

  • Vehicle Service

  • Teaching ski(when join ski tour)

  • Fluent English-speaking Mountain expert



  • Personal Food and Water

  • Ski Equipment and Lift ticket

  • Breakfast and Dinner

  • Gratuities (recommended)


Additional info

  • Confirmation will be sent after booking

  • Minimum age is 12 years

  • Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes. Prepare Wet and Warm Gears 

Departure point :

Depart from Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Return details :

Return to Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Departure time :

8AM to 9AM

(Depend on Customer's Hotel location)

Ask us anything you want to know

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