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Mountain National Park with Beautiful Open Ridges

Photo by Chance Kim

Sobaeksan National Park

Variety Trekking Courses for All of Mountain Hikers


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Sobaeksan was designated as the 18th national park in Korea on December 14,1987. It has a total area of 322.383㎢ and is the third largest mountainous national park in Korea following jirisan and Seoraksan. 
Sobaeksan has many divine peaks beginning with Birobong which stands at 1,439.5m to Gungmangbong(1,420.8m), Yeonhwabong(1,383m), and Dosolbong(1,314.2m). The park area stretches across the boundaries of Gyeongsangbuk-do Yeongju, Chungcheongbuk-do danyang, and Gangwon-do Yeongwol. The huibang and Jukgye valleys in Yeongju flow into Nakdonggang(River) and the other valleys such as Cheondong, Edui, Jungyeong and Namcheon in Danyang flow into Namhangang(River). 
“Sobaeksanrok,” an essay written by Toegye Yi Hwang(Prominent Confucian scholar) describes the beauty of the royal azaleas in Sobaeksan, “ It feels like walking through a colorful silk curtain as if I’ve arrived at an extravagant party.” Sobaeksan is also deemed the mountain with the best winter scenery when the snowflakes are in full bloom creating a magnificent winter view atop Baekdudaegan(Backbone of Korea)

Sobaeksan National Park has a long ridge line developed high above sea level, and along this ridge are plains, rocky areas, and long valleys which accommodate 1,067 plant species and 2,639 animal species. In May 2007, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recognized this ecological value and designated Sobaeksan as IUNC-Category II (National Park).



  • The most famous peak for the strongest wind blow in Korea

  • Winter time for Snow and Spring time for Royal azalea

  • Beautiful open Ridges to get the wonderful view

  • Untouched primeval forests and clear valleys on the way to the trail


What You Can Expect

There are various courses that can be reached at the top, so you can choose your own course

The National Park in Sobaeksan stretches southwestward, like the backbone of the Korean Peninsula, and connects Gangwon Province, Chungcheong Province, Jeolla Province and Gyeongsang Province like a folding screen.

The Yew Trees are distributed on the northwestern slope (from 1,200 to 1,350 meters above sea level) between the First Yeonhwabong Peak and Birobong. 

The average age of the Yew Tree is 350 years (200 ~ 800 years), and the total number is 3,798 (including the National Monument No. 244, 1999). This place is the largest community of Yew Trees in Korea.

The vegetation resources of Sobaeksan National Park are representative vegetation of the central temperate zone of the peninsula, and deciduous broad-leaved trees are the main species.

Especially in the end of May, the Royal azaleas are full blooming and add to the beauty of the mountain.


Note : Travel and trekking insurance is not included in the tour. Outdoors Korea will not accept responsibility if the participant has health issues or disabilities which were not disclosed  at the time of booking.  Outdoors Korea also has the right to reject bookings if a participant is found to be unfit to trek  . 

Cancellation Policy

  If you cancel at least 15 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.If you cancel between 7 and 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.If you cancel within 6 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Travel period : 1 or 2 days tour

Elevation : 1,439m

Walking Distance : 9~15Km

Hiking Duration :  5~8 Hours


Tour Cost for 1 day Tour

For 1 person: 400USD

For 2 person: 450USD($225 Each)

For 3 person: 510USD($170 Each)

For 4 person: 560USD($140 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 120 Each

​Tour Cost for 2 days Tour

For 1 person: 800USD

For 2 person: 1,000USD($500 Each)

For 3 person: 1,110USD($370 Each)

For 4 person: 1,200USD($300 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 260 Each

Approximate tour schedule 

1 day tour

- Hiking to Birobong Peak


2 days tour

1st day - Customized local tour 

          Gosu-Donggul(Limestone Cave)

          Dodam Sambong

          Accommodate in Danyang

2nd day - Hiking to Sobaeksan


  • Entrance Fees

  • Lunch(Lunch Box on a Mountain)

  • Accommodation

  • Vehicle Service

  • Fluent English-speaking Mountain expert



  • Personal Food and Water

  • Breakfast and Dinner

  • Gratuities (recommended)


Additional info

  • Confirmation will be sent after booking

  • Minimum age is 12 years

  • ​Please Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes

  • Prepare Wet and Warm Gears

  • Must have head lantern and Crampon(From Dec to Mar)

Departure point :

Depart from Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Return details :

Return to Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Departure time :

8AM to 9AM

(Depend on Customer's Hotel location)

Ask us anything you want to know

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