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Easy Accessible Mountain with Historic Temples and Gentle Ridges

Photo by Chance Kim

Odaesan National Park

No1. Biribong Course to Go Peak

No2. Noinbong Course to Hike Sogeumgang Valley


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Over view

Designated as the 11th national park in Korea in 1975, Odaesan National Park is divided by Baekdudaegan(Mountain range known as the backbone of Korea) into the Woljeongsa district and Sogeumgang district.
Odaesan is spread out across Gangneung-si, Hongcheon-gun, and Pyeongchang-gun in Gangwon-do(Province) over a total area of 303.929㎢, and based around the highest peak Birobong which stands at 1,536m above sea level, Dongdaesan(1,434m), Durobong(1,422m), Sangwangbong(1,491m), and Horyeongbong(1,561m) stand together like a giant folding screen. To the east, stands Noinbong(1,338m) all alone with the magnificent Sogeumgang(Valley) running below. Most of Odaesan’s peaks are flat ant the slopes are slow which are common characteristics of dirt mountains in Korea.

There are a total of 3,788 animal and plant species living in Odaesan National Park. Odaesan has 1.040 plant species which include 30 native Korean species and for animals, there are 28 mammal species, 103 bird species, 13 amphibian species, 12 reptile species, 35 fish species, 1,976 insect species, 157 spider species, and 147 benthic macro invertebrate species.



  • Odaesan hiking is not difficult to hike up to the peak because the starting course can be already started at a high altitude

  • Primeval forest that can not be easily seen in other mountains in Korea are well preserved

  • Unlike other mountains in Korea, Odaesan is a soil mountain

  • Autumn leaves are very beautiful, and there is a lot of snow in the winter, so the winter hiking is also enjoyable

  • Odaesan is located in Pyeongchang, which hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics, so tourist can enjoy skiing in winter and mountain hiking together

  • When join 2 days tour, can enjoy skiing one day at a nearby ski resort   - From December to March


What You Can Expect

Before or after the hike, Tourist can visit Woljeongsa Buddhist temple and Sangwonsa Buddhist temple, which are 1,400 and 1,300 years old Historic Temple, to learn about Korean Buddhism.

The Birobong course has a gentle slope and moderate steepness, making it the favorite course for visitors to Odaesan National Park. In addition to the wonderful scenery from the top of Birobong, there are a variety of sights to visit, such as the Sangwonsa temple, It is suitable for a round-trip course and a half-day course.

The Sogeumgang Course is registered as scenic spot No.1 in Korea due to its beautiful scenery. The course that descends from Noinbong Peak(1,338m) to all the way down through Sogeumgang (Muryunggye) Valley Course is very beautiful with all the valleys along the Waterfalls and Basins, and you can enjoy colorful leaves in autumn. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, We highly recommend Sogeumgang Course.


Note : Travel and trekking insurance is not included in the tour. Outdoors Korea will not accept responsibility if the participant has health issues or disabilities which were not disclosed  at the time of booking.  Outdoors Korea also has the right to reject bookings if a participant is found to be unfit to trek  . 

Cancellation Policy

  If you cancel at least 15 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.If you cancel between 7 and 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.If you cancel within 6 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Travel period : 1 or 2 days tour

Elevation : 1,563m

Walking Distance : 7~9 or 13.3Km

Hiking Duration : 

Birobong Course- 4~5 Hours

Sogeumgang Course- 7~8 Hours


Tour Cost for 1 day Tour

For 1 person: 400USD

For 2 person: 450USD($225 Each)

For 3 person: 510USD($170 Each)

For 4 person: 560USD($140 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 120 Each

​Tour Cost for 2 days Tour

For 1 person: 800USD

For 2 person: 1,000USD($500 Each)

For 3 person: 1,110USD($370 Each)

For 4 person: 1,200USD($300 Each)

For 5 or more: US$ 260 Each

Approximate tour schedule 

1 day Tour - Birobong Course

- Hiking to Odaesan Peak (Birobong)


2 days Tour - Sogeumgang Course

1st day - Customized local tour 

           Visit Woljeongsa Temple

           Fir Tree forest trail walking

           Visit 2018 Winter Olympic Place

       or Hiking to Odaesan Birobong

       or Skiing in Pyeongchang

Accommodate in Pyeongchang

2nd day - Hiking to Sogeumgang 

       or Hiking to Odaesan Birobong


  • Entrance Fees

  • Lunch(Lunch Box on a Mountain)

  • Accommodation

  • Vehicle Service

  • Teaching ski(when join ski tour)

  • Fluent English-speaking Mountain expert



  • Personal Food and Water

  • Ski Equipment and Lift ticket

  • Breakfast and Dinner

  • Gratuities (recommended)


Additional info

  • Confirmation will be sent after booking

  • Minimum age is 12 years

  • Wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes. Prepare Wet and Warm Gears 

Departure point :

Depart from Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Return details :

Return to Customer's Hotel

(Seoul and Near Seoul)

Departure time :

8AM to 9AM

(Depend on Customer's Hotel location)

Ask us anything you want to know

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